So Many Loose Ends…

It has been a hive of activity around here for the last several weeks.  The count down to GNEW XXXII is almost complete, just a few days left to finish up the last few projects.  Though I didn’t make the tent, I did make tent poles, an iris leaf sun hat, two lanterns, a belt pouch, pomanders… and need to finish up a pair of pattens, the ground cloth for in front of our tent, and set of false braids.  Getting close!

Straw into Gold

The inspiration for this project was a panel from the Manesse Codex showing Kunz von Rosenheim (394R) from 1304-1340, and the genuine need for a sun hat for an upcoming event.  I learned more about the process on:

And how to do a seven strand plait with the help of a video clip from Edwardian Farm:

Granted this is post period and may be different from how medieval hats were constructed, but for now it will have to do.  It was a lovely process, and I used dried iris leaves rather than straw, because that is what I had on hand.  It seems like there are so many ways to make them, though, including a hat that looks like it is woven more like a hat shaped basket.  I’m looking forward to learning more!